Making tabs responsive in 5 minutes, with Zurb Foundation

To view in HD, click the gears icon at the bottom of the video.

In our last Zurb Foundation screencast, we made an existing page on responsive, in just 5 minutes.

But we’re not done!

Now, we’ll tackle tabs. Even with our new responsive layout, tabs on the page do not respond well to small screens. We’ll replace them Foundation‘s sections, which can auto-magically appear as tabs on a large screen and an accordion on a small screen.

Many thanks to, the web site that taught me how to cook, for allowing me to feature it in these videos.

This is the second of three screencasts in our Foundation series.

  1. Making a page responsive
  2. Responsive sections/tabs
  3. Responsive navigation brings Rails job offers to you. Free for candidates. Salaries from $75,000 to $250,000. Sign up now!

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