My first web app: helping people evaluate and improve their skills

As I said in my introduction, I’m an IT consultant who has been developing intranet web sites, primarily in SharePoint, for many years.  My goal is to dive into modern web development, front-end and back-end.  I’m going to learn by doing, and share everything on this blog.

The Pitch

First, of course, I need an app idea. Here’s my elevator pitch:

People generally want to improve their skills in some area. Someone might want to become a better a cook, a better programmer, or a better gardener.

My app will:

  • Help you evaluate your current level of expertise in a certain area
  • Give you tips for improvement
  • Track your progress as you improve, and let you share your progress with others

Experts will create the evaluations that power the app, and gain exposure in the process.


Here’s what the app might need to do:

  • Allow anyone to:
    • Take an evaluation on a certain topic
    • Get tips for improvement, based on where they stand now
    • Re-take the evaluation later, to see how much they’ve improved
  • Allow experts in a given area to:
    • Create an evaluation on a certain topic
    • Share the evaluation with others
    • See how many people are taking their evaluation

We’ll flesh out requirements more later, but this is the gist.

In the next post, we’ll start looking at the tools necessary to create this, beginning with the front-end or user interface. brings Rails job offers to you. Free for candidates. Salaries from $75,000 to $250,000. Sign up now!

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